Busy Beevers

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We have been busy lil beavers around here lately getting the vege garden all up and running


And it is doing well, touch wood!!


My clever hubby, thanks to a few ideas from pintrest and a few confused discussions when trying to express our ideas managed to build me an amazing little seed house/glass house!!




Isnt he so clever!!

Purple Fever

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  Recently a good friend of mine got married.

And what better gift than a home made semi hand made quilt.

I was a little stuck on this one for awhile, trying to find the perfect colours and fabrics.

Then added on that this was meant as a wedding present, for two people, so should really be more unisex than girly.  Topped off with the fact that I didn’t really know the groom.

In the end I threw caution to the wind, and went with what I thought would suit my friend.

Crisp white, Bright sassy purple, and fresh green!!





Hopefully she will love it as much as I do!!


BlackBoard Paint

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 I have discovered blackboard paint.

And I am in love!!

As you may know we have recently moved, and thus I was stuck with a couple of boring old cupboards for a pantry.

But, thanks to the all mighty pintrest. I had an idea.

And it wasn’t to bad an idea if I do say so myself.



The Kitchen

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Ok, so…. we brought this place knowing that well it was a mega do-er up-er!!!

And I had plans of, in the next few months getting a second hand kitchen from tradme or such and giving it a re-vamp.

But alas, nothing goes to plan.

Come move in day….. I was like OMG what the beep’n beep have we got ourselves into.

The kitchen was FILTH!!! Sorry people that had just moved out,  but it was well and truly beyond any kind of daily grime.

When we looked at the place, we saw the bones of the building, the lay out the size of the rooms, the character, the feel of the place, the land it sat on, and of course the view. We apparently over looked the fact that it was currently a complete mess!!!

So as I could not bring my self to unpack a single thing in the kitchen, seriously there was fly poop everywhere, smoke stains, grease splatters and just grime that I could scrape off under my finger nail.  I really did not think that we could simply clean all this off.  And I think also the fact that it was just painted with undercoat added to the scummy look.

Lucky we moved on a long weekend.  Because we got the keys Friday afternoon, handed our last keys back Saturday afternoon and first thing Sunday morning we were off to Miter 1o for sugar soap, and paint.

It took the entire Sunday afternoon to scrub, and Ive got say that Sugar soap is my new wonder product.

As I am not the best at remembering to take photos, the before shot is from the sales guide, and so has someone else s stuff in it!!

But my kitchen went from this…………..


Cupboard doors off, empty oven moved and receiving a well needed scrub!!


It became this…..

20131125_123323 (600x800)

20131125_123151 (2) (600x800)

20131125_123359 (600x800) (2)

20131125_123508 (800x600)

There are still a few things that I want to add/change in the coming months, like a new pantry (I am currently using some of those ones you get at miter 10 that we had in our old shed to store bits and bobs in) and replacing the oven, it works, but you gotta know a bit of magic to get it right.

But aside from that, I have fallen in love with the vintage charm that is my kitchen.

Im sure one day when the house to-do list is shorter and our bank account permits I will get a new Kitchen made with new cabinets, maybe with doors.  But for today I love the rustic country feel, its light, airy and just so homey feeling!!!

The BIG move

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Ok….. Its been over 3 weeks.

And to be honest we still are NOT completely unpacked.

But we have moved into this charming lil cottage….

20131125_120352 (600x800)

With this amazing big view….

20131125_120442 (600x800)

Now we are first time home owners, so don’t get me wrong to find a property this size with room for a few animals and the boys to be boys and well with that view that makes it all worth it.  But there is a lot of work to be done, and well a lot of it has already begun.

But well get to that, for now im going to enjoy the view with a coffee before I have to pick my lil man up from kindy!!


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Ok, I hate moving. The sorting, cleaning and packing.
But we are moving on Friday no matter how much I moan and groan about it.
We have brought our first home on 1.6 acres in the foothills of Pirongia.
So its a bit of a move from Hamilton.
New schools for the boys and all.
But, as a DIY-ers dream was all we could afford on our first home budget, we are getting increasingly excited about all the things we are going to be able to do, and all the new rooms im going to have to design quilts for.
But my new vege garden is top of the list.
Will keep you posted, and wish me luck for the move.


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Ok, sometime life just gets all a little to much.

We (my husband and I) run a small concrete business from home, so work is every where.  Some people do think it is ok to make business calls at 8pm on a Saturday night.

On top of that, technology is everywhere these days.  And as much as I say  I restrict my kids from playing on the computer, the tablet, my phone and watching TV. In reality they are surrounded by it, My little mites pre-school has just brought 6 I-pads for the kids to use.  And it so easy to turn the tv on while I make a phone call (and not turn it straight back off cos they are sitting quiet) or hand them my phone to play air hockey in the supermarket trolley, or the tablet while I’m cooking dinner.

Seriously I have to wonder how we grew up with all this stuff!!

There are benefits to a lot of this stuff, for one I have recently downloaded an app on windows 8 that has more patients teaching my Big boy his spelling words than I have.  But it is all to easy to get  caught up in it, and I’m just as bad with Facebook and pintrest.

so every now and then, we pack up the car and …….. we go bush!!

setting up camp

We pitch a tent.

getting firewood

Collect firewood, and cook on an open fire.

playing ball

Kick a ball around.


Explore the nearby bush. (hoping we don’t get lost)

big trees

And find some massive trees!!

Three hole days with no power, no cell phone coverage, and only once did my big boy say he wanted to watch TV! The little might just wanted to call granddad to take him hunting, otherwise he would of happily stayed longer.

I think it was only the hubby that was itching to check his phone.

But as he pointed out, life continues outside of the bush, and the business wont run itself.

But the next camping trip is being planned.

Spring Time Quilt

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Im blogging off my phone today, because my lovely hubby droped a jar on my laptop and broke the screen.

So while thats aways getting fixed, im cursing this dam screen and keyboard!!

But I had to share this quilt that I finshed Sunday afternoon.


 I have had mixed coments on this so far from those who saw it on the design wall.

Seems people either love it or hate.

I personally love the colours, and the intense mix of the fabrics.


Im not exactly sure what makes me think spring time when I see this quilt.

Somthing about the sky Blue, the bright sunny Orange, and the rich muddy puddle Brown.

And of course those sweet little Birds.


These photos really do not do this quilt justice.

Ill get some more up when its finished. And hopfully by then I will have my computer back.

Little Black Dress

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This quilt is off the quilter….

lil black

I used an all over pattern when quilting this, and I’ve got to say, though the effect is what I was after, I’m not a fan of quilting pantograph’s I just found it a little monotonous.

lil black 2

and a shout out to my handy helper,

lil 3

and the cheeky photo bomber,


you can read more about the piecing of this quilt in my previous post.

Baby Quilt

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 What better way to celebrate a new little baby than with a beautiful home made quilt?

So when good friends of ours had there second baby girl, I decided to make a quilt.

I already had this beautiful charm pack in my stash which was a handy thing, and this quilt came together so quickly.

 The blues and the pinks go so well with greys.

 I quilted this on my mothers old handy quilter, with a meandering kind of swirly bits with hearts.

Basically I just played.

 And the hand stitched label to finish of that personal touch.